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Lamophone – a New Musical Instrument?

14 June 2013 by daniel

There are already hundreds of thousands of apps in the Apple app store alone. And there is already a long list of musical instrument apps. Why create another one?

Back in 2010, I was composing a song. I was a newbie (and still am) – I came up with some parts of the song every now and then and I had to write it down immediately. I had to either sing the melody and record it, or to write down the music with some sort of musical notations.

What if there is an app that I can use to play music? Won’t that be nice? What if it can record as well? What if I can share the recorded music? What if…

So, I started searching in the app store, trying to find my “dream app”. At the time, most of the musical instrument apps were mini-version of physical instruments: A mini-piano, mini-guitar, and many others following the same principle. Some of them sound nice. Some of them have creative interfaces. However, none of them really works as a musical instrument. I had to keep looking on the screen while playing. Or there were only a few notes for me to play. Or the sound was not good enough.

There had to be a better way!

I started designing and developing my own idea. Many days and nights have passed. And here it is, Lamophone is a new and unique musical instrument created for musicians and music learners.

Lamophone is nowhere near perfect yet. But we are working on it. We are determined to make it a great musical instrument. We put our heart into it!

Daniel enjoys playing Lamophone and thinks you would too. Try it now!

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